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Corporate Designs

Besides its standard jewellery and accessories collection COWstyle® also designs special editions according to the ideas and wishes of its customers. These include companies, clubs, events, organisations and individuals. We completely specialise on the needs of our customers and provide the desired degree of individualisation. Our portfolio includes personalised jewellery and accessories for private occasions, company celebrations, events as well as gifts for employees, key accounts and customers. If you are interested in personalised pieces of jewellery and accessories please feel free to >contact us. Below you find a small selection of the projects we already did.

Lederarmband graviert in weiß für Hochzeit auf Ibiza

For their wedding on Ibiza Isabella and Matthias had a very special idea. Their 40 selected guests who were invited to join their wedding on the Mediterranean island were surprised with a special wedding bracelet designed by COWstyle®. According to the theme of the wedding the design was realised "all in white".

- Maori - bracelet design in white
- Initials of the wedding couple linked with rings were engraved in the bracelet
- Each bracelet was personalised with the name of the guest
- Jewellery box with date, place and name of the guest replaced name cards
- Individualised COWstyle® warranty card with picture of the wedding couple

COWstyle Lederarmband graviert in braun individuelle Anfertigung für Unternehmen

Goger-Swiss AG is a Swiss construction company which is known for its innovative projects. Equally innovative with its Christmas presents, founder and CEO Kurt Goger thought of something special for his employees and customers. COWstyle® was entrusted the design of a "Goger Edition" including two different bracelet designs.

- Slim bracelet with logo and the writing "Qualität ist kein Zufall" (quality is no coincidence)
- Wide bracelet with the G. logo - the lock symbolises the dot.
- Individualised COWstyle® warranty card with picture of the Goger employees

Lederarmband Citybeach Graz von COWstyle

The legendary Citybeach Graz is created every year with tons of sand. In 2012 the beach was completely destroyed by a metre-high flooding. In order to save the party location, the Citybeach flooding fund was created. COWstyle® contributed with special bracelet design, the net receipts went directly to the fund.

- Yellow leather bracelet with stainless steel locks
- Engraved Citybeach logo and wave symbol of the flooding fund

Tattoomodels Austria Lederarmband von COWstyle mit Bunny Skull

Together with the model agency Tattoomodels Austria a Tattoomodels Edition consisting of two leather bracelet designs was developed. The logo of Tattoomodels.at was made of silver by a gold smith. The presentation of the edition was accompanied by a photo shooting with international top tattoo models.

- Black leather bracelets in a sliced finish
- Types in two widths, adjustable sizes
- Bunny Skull made of sterling silver 925

LUV Graz Lederarmband graviert Damen Fußball

DFC LUV Graz is a football club playing in the highest women's football league in Austria. COWstyle® was asked to design individualised bracelets for the players, the staff and the fans of the club. Each bracelet and jewellery box was engraved with the LUV Graz - logo and personalised for the recipient.

- brown, slim leather bracelet with stainless steel lock
- LUV Graz logo, first name and jersey number engraved
- Jewellery box with LUV-Graz logo und name